Sterling Silver Rings in Today’s Fashion

Jewelries are part of one’s fashion but more importantly, it can symbolize someone’s love for another. It can stand as a memorabilia and have sentimental value. Rings are especially important to couples. Engagement and wedding rings are symbols of commitment.

These days, rings are becoming more common in both men and women. Fashion evolved and so did the way of wearing rings. The traditional way would be to wear it on your finger but now you can wear a ring practically on any finger.

Sterling Silver Rings and Fashion

Sterling silver is the highest grade of silver. It is usually 92.5 percent silver and the remaining 7.5 percent is made of another type of metal. Copper is the usual lesser mass added to the silver but other metals, such as germanium, zinc and platinum, can also replace it. Sterling silver cannot be made with 100 percent silver because then it would be too soft and will not maintain its form. When combined with copper, the malleability is just perfect.

Sterling silver rings are now more popular than ever. The popularity may be attributed to it being more reasonably priced than other metals like gold or platinum. The expense in producing this metal is also less expensive, thus more jewelers are coming up with various designs that are modern and fashionable.

Cocktail Rings

Wedding bands, promise rings, engagement rings, mood rings, casual rings, men’s rings… name it and you’re sure to find sterling silver rings of that kind. Cocktail rings for instance are a staple in every woman’s accessories collection. An outfit can be as simple as a little black dress and be accentuated by a stunning cocktail ring.

Sterling silver is often used with cocktail rings because it is precious enough without being too extravagant. The malleability allows for intricate designs and soldering (attaching pieces of metal or decorations) on sterling silver ringsis ideal because the material used is the same color as the silver.

Difference from White Gold

It’s hard to distinguish sterling silver rings and white gold rings because they practically look the same to unprofessional eyes. The major difference is that they are made from two entirely different precious metals. White gold is made up of about 90 percent pure gold while sterling silver is made of 92 percent silver.

Both precious metals are widely used in rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelries although you would less likely see an antique white gold because it is a modern process. Sterling silver on the other hand has been used for centuries in creating cutlery, tea sets, liquor cups, pillboxes and other household items. It’s even used in medical and musical instruments.

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