Men on Silver Jewelry

Jewelries are often seen on females. It does not depend onto what age group the person is; as long as the person is female most likely jewelries will be a great part of her daily accessory. Jewelries come in many shapes, designs, sizes, and made. Prices also vary from the qualities that have just been mentioned. There are a great number of shapes for jewelry. It can take out the form of just anything, from inscribed names, wordings, to cartoon characters, and zodiac signs. Different symbols are also used for jewelry’s shape, and many other things. Jewelries can also be embedded by different stones, some are cheap stones and other is just expensive stones like diamonds, emerald, and other precious stones. Jewelries are also made from different materials, whereas the famous would be gold and silver, although other jewelries are also made from alloys metals, or also known as mixed-metals.

Among gold and silver jewelry, gold are the most famous among the two, but silver are the one mostly worn by people of different ages. Not only because silver are cheaper than gold, but also for the reason that silver jewelries have a non-biased color than can be worn to just about any color of clothes, unlike gold that has a yellowish color shade on it. From the types of silver jewelries, silver rings are one of the jewelry types that are also widely worn by male alike. It is the type of jewelry that can be considered as a unisex jewelry. Silver rings are actually mostly found in males than in females. Ever watched a gangster movie, or a movie that concerns hip-hop, or any action movie? Try to focus on the fingers of the actors and actresses. A silver ring or two can be seen mostly on actors than in actresses. Proving the point that rings made out of silver can be mostly seen worn by men than women. And the silver bracelets are also popular to the males as well. As for women, they are more fond wearing gold jewelries than silver, maybe for a reason that gold jewelries are more classy to wear and look at, giving a sense of elegant, compare to silver jewelries. And also, that is maybe one of the reason why men are fond in wearing silver jewelries, for opposite reason that silver jewelries are simpler to wear and to look at, leaving a touch of manliness even when wearing a silver jewelry.

Gifts are Going Silver

There are a million things you can give someone on scores of occasions. You can give your friends airplanes like Elvis did, or you can give a gift of sterling silver jewelry. You can be sure it will be received with as much enthusiasm as would airplanes. There are a lot of things that come in between. Jewelry itself holds many and numerous possibilities. Silver jewelry, we daresay, holds a place of its own by being trendy, fashionable and, most of all, inexpensive. Gone are the days when silver jewelry was looked down upon. With the economic condition being on the brink for many people, silver ornaments have gained a respectable place in the life of man.

Contrary to popular belief, silver is harder than gold to touch when it is transformed into sterling silver and sterling silver jewelry is even harder, so you can be sure that your gift will remain in circulation for long. Unless, of course, in the unlikely event of the recipient losing it, or throwing it away.

Silver jewelry has the facility to look businesslike as well as casual. It can transform itself into something serious and be at home as part of a millionaire's attire. It can also take the look of a casual wearer like a college student on a night out. The sophisticated aura of the rich man will rub off on sterling silver jewelry and enhance its appeal. The college kid will pass on his casual attitude to the silver jewelry, thereby making him blend in with the general atmosphere. That is the malleability of silver jewelry. It can thus be an ideal gift to both high end business people and low end and frivolous teenagers. The people who fall between the two categories too can be brought into an amenable lot.

No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. Many a couple these days prefer inexpensive yet trendy silver jewelry to traditional gold and diamonds. We would like to congratulate them for their sensible decision. If you give them a silver wedding ring, it would be just the thing they need. You may even give the attendants a thoughtful set of silver jewelry at a little extra cost, but the goodwill you earn will surely be immense.

Before buying a gift, however, you would do well to try and find out what silver jewelry the intended recipient already owns. This way, you can make a gift of something he/she does not already have in his/her possession.

How to Ensure that the Sterling Silver Jewelry is Genuine

For a long time, silver has been used to bring an aura of class to the wearer. As far as making a fashion statement is concerned, sterling silver jewelry does it beautifully - as long as it is genuine. It would be very embarrassing to buy fake sterling silver jewelry and have it fade in glamour, compared to the genuine ones. Ensuring that you have bought genuine sterling silver jewelry will enhance your social standing and it will also give you value for your money. In any case, you will feel more confident with the genuine type.

Unfortunately, there is no shortage of fake silver jewelry on the market. It is therefore important that you are careful when you are buying the jewelry. That notwithstanding, there are ways in which you can ensure that the piece you have is of the genuine type. The following is an outline of these tips:

• Carrying out the acid test - due to the influx of cheap imitations of sterling silver jewelry in the market, it has become imperative that consumers take a lot of care when they are buying this precious metal. A nitric acid test can be used to determine the authenticity of the jewelry. You can do the test by on your own, although it is highly recommended that you leave it to a jeweler, as he has the necessary expertise. Rubbing a small portion of the silver jewelry vigorously and then applying small amounts of nitric acid will determine the genuineness of the piece. Authentic pieces will produce a cloudy grey color, while fakes turn the liquid green. It is important however that you use a part that would not be noticed easily.
• Relate to the stamp law - it is important that you acknowledge that the law has made it obligatory that silver jewelry makers incorporate a 925 stamp on their pieces. The 925 signifies that the piece has 92.5 % silver. Alternatively, it could be stamped ‘sterling’. It is important to note that the stamp could be at any point and therefore you need to check carefully.
• Buying only from vendors of repute - getting the sterling silver jewelry from vendors of good repute is important as far as ensuring that the pieces are genuine. It would definitely be important that you do some research to help you in this endeavor. Consulting friends and relatives could help you in this.

How to Choose Sterling Silver Jewelry for Christmas

Each year, there are a lot of festivities at the Christmas period. It is at this time that people exchange various gifts that are opened on Boxing Day. Sterling silver jewelry is among the best gifts that one can offer during Christmas. Offering jewelry is an indication of emotion. Jewelry also shows the character of a person, personal accomplishment, life habits and psychological quality.

The kind of jewelry that is offered to different people varies greatly depending on the person and the relationship between the two. It is important to take time and choose the suitable jewelry. The age of the person who is going to receive the gift should be among the top considerations. People are in several age groups like adults, teenagers, children or babies.

The adults can either be young, old or middle aged. Each age group needs a type of jewelry that is special. The natural choice of jewelry for the old is that which is made of silver. This is the same for the middle-aged people. Although the young adults and teenagers like trying various types of fashionable jewelry, silver jewelry has not escaped their attention and it is something that one can comfortably send to someone special on Christmas Day.

When offering jewelry as a gift, it is vital to find the kind that is shiny and will maintain the original look for a long time. No one feels good if the jewelry tarnishes soon after it is worn. It is important to determine if the jewelry that is on sale is made of genuine silver. The law demands that metal should be marked by marker and metal quality. For sterling, this mark will be 925 (which means that is 92.5 percent silver which is the sterling) or “sterling" stamped in words.

The mark can be placed close to the clasp or at the chain’s end. The mark is also placed on a ring, hence it is better to check around. It is possible to tell whether jewelry is made of sterling silver by testing it. An acid test can be done by the jeweler. This means that the buyer has to pay extra cash for this service.

Although the test does not cost a lot of money some feel that it is not worth it. However this depends on the amount paid for the silver jewelry. The safest bet when buying silver jewelry as a Christmas gift is to shop at established stores. Such stores cannot risk losing their reputation by selling fake items.

Do You Know What Wearing Silver Jewelry Says About You?

The popularity of silver jewelry as an accessory has been soaring in the recent past. In most cases, the metal jewelry is worn when one intends to make a fashion statement. This does not undermine the fact that there are people who prefer other types of jewelry. It is important to acknowledge that the popularity of sterling silver jewelry mainly stems from its glamorous nature. However, it is important to acknowledge that silver has many meanings. If anyone was to see you wearing silver jewelry, several things would clock in their mind. As much as you may have your own intentions for wearing the jewelry, there are some inevitable meanings that it would have.

To start with, it would create a meaning as to your wish to mingle with the crowd or feel like you belong to them. As much as gold may be more conventional, it puts an element of exclusivity or implying that you are in a class of your own and are better off in secluded places. This is unlike silver which, while making a fashion statement, allows for this element of familiarity.

Sterling silver jewelry could also create an impression as to your confidence in yourself. Being in a position to wear it is enough to create this impression. This, however, would not be interpreted as being boastful or as an attention seeker. While there are other types of jewelry that would still make statements about your confidence, silver jewelry accomplishes this in a more or less composed manner.

In addition, silver can be interpreted as being simplistic. As indicated before, sterling silver jewelry can show you are confident in yourself in a composed manner. Silver jewelry brings out the beauty in people in a simple manner. One thing that you should appreciate about silver jewelry is that it comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and forms. Nevertheless, it should be possible to find some that accommodates your tastes, while also being captivating in its elegance.

Investing in sterling silver jewelry would definitely complement your image. However, it is important that you ensure that the pieces are genuine, as fake pieces would do more harm than good. In addition, it would be important that you ensure that the silver jewelry is well cleaned and properly stored. This will ensure that the jewelry retains its glamour. It is important that you store it in zip bags, as this will prevent air from reacting with the jewelry and thus tarnish.

Discover the Appropriate Method for Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Silver jewelry has been used as an accessory for quite some time. One thing that you should appreciate about the metal is that it looks clean and has a shiny glamour which adds to one’s individual style. It is important to note, however, that the glamour will not remain if the sterling silver jewelry is not taken care of properly, or cleaned in the right manner. It is important to note that silver is a soft metal, so it will tarnish especially if it is not well cleaned or maintained in the right manner.

Cleaning silver jewelry regularly and properly prevents the metal from tarnishing. Cleaning of the jewelry is done only using a soft cotton cloth or a soft flannel. In addition, you could make use of a wide range of silver cleaning cloths that can be bought. The good thing about silver cleaning cloths is that they come with some chemicals which prevent silver jewelry from tarnishing. The cloths are ideal for quick cleaning of the sterling silver jewelry before they are worn, as well as intensive cleaning when you want to store them.

Cleaning the silver jewelry could also be done by the use of soap in liquid form. This soap is added to heated warm water and the solution is applied to the silver jewelry using the soft cloth. Make sure you have wiped away the dirt and rinse it using warm water before properly drying it. It is important that you take care of any intricate details incorporated in the pieces. Cleaning these would necessitate the use of a toothbrush with soft bristles and not the cloth.

If the sterling silver jewelry has become tarnished, it is imperative that you make use of a specialized silver cleaner. You can get these in two forms - either as a paste or as a liquid. Should you want to make use of the paste form, you would have to scoop small amounts with the soft cloth and gently rub it on the sterling jewelry in straight lines to prevent scratching the piece. Allow the paste cleaner to dry on the piece before rubbing away the excess. To ensure it is completely clean, it is important that warm water be used to rinse the piece. However, ensure that the paste was completely dry before being rubbed off. As pertaining to the use of the liquid form, you only have to dip the silver jewelry in the solution then rinse it before drying it properly. This method is preferred because it produces results quickly.

Difference between Sterling Silver and Silver Plated Jewelry

It is important to know the difference between silver, sterling silver and silver plated jewelry, as it makes a big difference to the pieces that one chooses to buy. Price is a good indicator of the item’s make-up, although it can be relied upon at all times. There is a wide range of prices as it depends on the jeweler.

The price also depends on the type of material that is used to make the jewelry. Although all jewels that are made of silver might seem to have been made using the same material, there is some difference between sterling silver and silver plated jewelry.

Pure silver
Pure silver is malleable and soft .This prevents it from molding properly so as to create a product that is usable. Pure silver takes a shape that cannot survive the necessary shaping. This is why it is mixed with other elements to strengthen it. If there is a jeweler who says that the products on sale are made of pure silver, the person is telling a lie or the item is not worth purchasing.

Sterling Silver
Unlike the pure silver, the sterling silver has been mixed with another metal to make it stronger and durable. Sterling silver has 7.5 percent alloys. It is made up of metals like copper, zinc and nickel. However, the silver content is still high at 92.5 percent. Sterling silver jewelry is marked with 92.5, .925 or 925 at some point on the piece. Sterling silver does not tarnish, but it has an advantage of being shinier than the silver jewelry. The jewelry that is made using sterling silver can be kept in its best form if it remains dry. When it is not being worn it should be stored in a small plastic bag that is sealed.

Silver Plated
When jewelry is describes as being ‘silver plated’ it means that it has a silver coating on top but the material that has been used to make it can vary. This is the method that is used for cheap jewelry. This jewelry is mostly made using metal that is poor quality. Jewelry that is made using such material stretches, bends, and breaks easily. The finish also wears off easily.

Before purchasing silver jewelry, it is important to establish the jeweler’s reputation. There are some jewelers who coat the sterling silver products using pure silver to prevent it from tarnishing. The secret to getting the best sterling silver jewelry is to determine the coating thickness. Jewelry that has a thicker coating lasts for a longer time.