Gifts are Going Silver

There are a million things you can give someone on scores of occasions. You can give your friends airplanes like Elvis did, or you can give a gift of sterling silver jewelry. You can be sure it will be received with as much enthusiasm as would airplanes. There are a lot of things that come in between. Jewelry itself holds many and numerous possibilities. Silver jewelry, we daresay, holds a place of its own by being trendy, fashionable and, most of all, inexpensive. Gone are the days when silver jewelry was looked down upon. With the economic condition being on the brink for many people, silver ornaments have gained a respectable place in the life of man.

Contrary to popular belief, silver is harder than gold to touch when it is transformed into sterling silver and sterling silver jewelry is even harder, so you can be sure that your gift will remain in circulation for long. Unless, of course, in the unlikely event of the recipient losing it, or throwing it away.

Silver jewelry has the facility to look businesslike as well as casual. It can transform itself into something serious and be at home as part of a millionaire's attire. It can also take the look of a casual wearer like a college student on a night out. The sophisticated aura of the rich man will rub off on sterling silver jewelry and enhance its appeal. The college kid will pass on his casual attitude to the silver jewelry, thereby making him blend in with the general atmosphere. That is the malleability of silver jewelry. It can thus be an ideal gift to both high end business people and low end and frivolous teenagers. The people who fall between the two categories too can be brought into an amenable lot.

No wedding is complete without a wedding ring. Many a couple these days prefer inexpensive yet trendy silver jewelry to traditional gold and diamonds. We would like to congratulate them for their sensible decision. If you give them a silver wedding ring, it would be just the thing they need. You may even give the attendants a thoughtful set of silver jewelry at a little extra cost, but the goodwill you earn will surely be immense.

Before buying a gift, however, you would do well to try and find out what silver jewelry the intended recipient already owns. This way, you can make a gift of something he/she does not already have in his/her possession.

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