Be Smart: Choose Cubic Zirconia Rings to Show Your Love

According to tradition, when a man proposes to the woman he loves he should present her with a ring as a token of his love and his promise to commit.  It also used to be tradition for a man to spend two months’ worth of salary on that ring.  It is difficult for some people to spend that much money on a ring.  It is not the best idea to start out a relationship in debt, yet that is what many men have to resort to if they want to uphold tradition.  It might be a better idea if men start to think a little more frugally.  Thinking this way, does not make the man cheap, it means that he is thinking about his financial future with his bride to be.

There are many ways to trim the budget for an engagement ring.  The most expensive part of the engagement ring is usually the diamond that is in it.  Most women want a diamond that they can show off to others.  To the women, the bigger the stone is the better it is.  You can save money on diamonds in a few ways.  You might find a wholesaler who sells them at a lower price.  You might find a diamond that has some flaws in it that lower its value.  You can always just get a smaller diamond, but that is not as well accepted.  All of these methods to find a cheaper diamond involve some type of compromising and lowering of your and your fiancé’s expectations.  Instead of doing that, you might want to consider cubic zirconia rings.

Cubic Zirconia is a crystal that has many of the same properties of a diamond.  It is clear and can be cut into various shapes.  It is very hard although not quite as hard as a diamond.  It does not have any flaws that can be seen by the naked eye.  The big difference between a ring with a cubic zirconia stone in it and a diamond ring boils down to two main things: cost and the perception of other people.

A cubic zirconia ring costs a fraction of the cost of a diamond ring.  A high quality engagement ring can be found for a few hundred dollars or less.  The quality of the metal and the workmanship that goes into the ring will have the largest impact on the cost of the ring instead of the cost of the diamond being the biggest part.

People’s perception is a little harder to deal with.  If you do decide to turn to a cubic zirconia ring, you should not worry what others think.  You are still giving a sign of your love and commitment; you are just being smarter about it.  Years down the road, it is a trait that will be appreciated by your spouse.

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