Pros and Cons of Having Un-Pierced Ears

Clip on earrings are the answer for those who do not want to commit to having pierced ears. While most earrings available in the market are meant for those who have pierced ears, the market has been open to a wide variety of styles for clip-ons which do not sacrifice the style and current fashion trends. 

There are many benefits to using clip-on earrings, one of which being you don’t need to have someone poke your ears and risk infection, provided the procedure is not done properly. On the other hand, using clip-on earrings also pose several inconveniences. So, before considering using them, read this article first and weigh the benefits versus the inconveniences of having un-pierced ears.

1. As discussed in the introduction above, using clip-on earrings are very convenient and do not require you to have your ears pierced. So, for instance, if you are planning on wearing earrings just for one special occasion and do not want to have pierced ears for the rest of your life, clip-ons are an absolute go-to. This is true as well for men who do not want to have pierced ears for religious or personal reasons but would still like to wear earrings or are required (for some reason) to wear them on occasion.

2. Nowadays, there are many designs available for clip-on earrings. Whether you want to buy faux jewelry or want to go ahead and buy original, genuine pearls, stones, or gold, there are a lot to choose from. Clip-on earrings can be bought anywhere, too, whether you choose to order over the internet or dive around shops in malls and it does not take an awful lot of time to find a pair that fancies your taste and meets your needs.

3. Another reason why you may want to choose to use clip-on earrings is that you do not have to risk getting an ear infection. Sure, you can have painless ear piercings nowadays at an affordable price, but there are some non-professionals out there that do not bother taking the necessary precautions of making sure that the needle or gun is sterile, and there is no way of knowing for sure unless you see the cleaning procedure yourself. 

4. Lastly, people with needle phobia who would still like to wear earrings do not need to worry about having their ears pierced, because they can choose from a wide variety, style, and materials that are available in malls and over the internet.

1. Clip-on earrings are very easy to use as it only needs to attach itself to the earlobes, but because it only requires enough pressure to keep it in place, if you are wearing expensive clip-on earrings outdoors where it is exposed to the eyes of robbers, they can easily rob them off your ears without much trouble. Therefore, clip-on earrings that are made of expensive materials or precious stones should only be worn indoors, and only on important occasions.

2. One of the cons of these kinds of earrings is that they can’t handle too much weight and even if they can, it would take an awful lot of pressure on your earlobes and because of that, manufacturers are only limited to a certain amount of weight for the designs which use precious stones.

3. Another thing to note about them is that they can be uncomfortable to wear because it has to pinch the earlobes to be able to stay on your ears. Even though you will not get a possible infection from non-sterile needles, your ears might still get sore from the pinch or cause some skin rashes after prolonged use. To prevent this from happening, you have to buy additional accessories for you to be able to use these comfortably. These accessories are sticky substances placed in the earlobes to minimize discomfort and also so that the clip-on earrings stick better.

These are only some of the advantages and disadvantages you might want to consider when opting for clip-on earrings. Some advantages might weigh more than the disadvantages or it could be the other way around. So, before venturing out to find the perfect pair of clip-on earrings, it would be a lot better to do some research first. By educating yourself of these factors, you will know everything you need to know when you have decided on buying your first pair of earrings.

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