Clip on Earrings and How to Get Started

Whether heading out for a girls’ night out or running errands during the day, earrings as part of a woman’s wardrobe can add inexplicable glamour. What is more convenient is having a pair that can be easily worn like clip-on earrings. What is not to love in these fashionable pieces?


There are so many designs to choose from. Long, round, bulky, chandelier-like, button-type and so many more will definitely fit any day in the calendar. These pairs come in studs, gem-stoned, metal-plated – name it, a pair of clip-on earrings has been designed for it. This goes especially for avid collectors who organize these pairs. Knowing what style or design is lacking, one could easily know what to look for next.

When having a hard time choosing, specifically if one is a beginner looking for which pair to buy, consider a picture first. Project an image in your mind and how that pair of earrings will complement your wardrobe. Think of other pieces of accessories that might give a vivid impression when both are worn with an outfit. Think of possible occasions when a pair would be bought and how appropriate the accessory would be when worn.

Discount Stores, Flea Markets and Earrings Specialty Stores

What do all these places have in common? They all have wide choices of stuff that can be bought. It is difficult to be confined in a store where choices are limited. Try to go around to every booth and stall to search for different types of clip on earrings, so all options can be fully considered. Clip-on earrings are not structured in one way only, so it is best to look for which type of clip-on earrings will fit perfectly. There are magnetic, round and flat pairs that could offer screw modifications or not. If screws can be adjusted, the earrings will offer a better fit.

Consider nickel-free earrings as well when looking for designs. Nickel-free earrings provide less irritation when worn compared to stainless and metal-plated clips. Some metal-plated clips and stainless kinds of clips irritate earlobes due to allergic reactions. To test this, simply clip on a piece of earring for four to five minutes and check for the slightest feeling of itch on your ear.

Get the Feel!

Try on the earrings before buying a pair. It is very important that these pairs be “test-driven”. Put a pair on both earlobes and try to look from the left and then to the right quite abruptly to check its fit. Take a look at studs and gems included in the design as some may have poor quality even before the purchase. Returning these to the merchant will surely cause an inconvenience. Check for the edges of metal-plated clips and designs to make sure they are not rusty or chipped off.

It pays to have an observant eye, yet the reward is greater if one is complemented when wearing fashion pieces that create that alluring style. So go on, breathe in and out, and confidently wear those clip-on earrings for a better fashion statement!

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