What You Need To Know About Clip On Earrings

Earrings are considered to be one of the must-have accessories of almost every woman. They have their own delicate way of bringing out one’s glow and beauty. If this is the case, how about those women who don’t have any ear piercings and don’t have any plans on getting one, yet still want to enjoy the benefits of wearing these beautiful ear pieces? Well, these women really don’t have to worry about this issue anymore since the solution to this dilemma is just a pair of clip on earrings.

A clip on earring, or just simply called clip earring, is a certain kind of earring that does not require one’s ears to be pierced. They function in such a way that significantly allows them to be attached to the ear lobe. These accessories only need to be closed shut to stay in place.

Listed below are three of the most common type of clip on earrings:

Spring Hoop Earrings

Spring hoop earrings are kept in place with the use of a spring mechanism which is located behind the earlobe.

Ear Screw Clip Earrings

Ear screw clip earrings function with the use of a small screw which is placed at the back portion of the earlobe. The screw is then adjusted to the wearer’s preferred tightness in order to keep the earring in place.

Ear Cuff Clip Earrings

The design of ear cuff clip earrings is similar to that of a small circle which is cut off at one part. That certain part is then clamped onto the ear. These earrings are generally attached to the upper portion of the ears, which is called the helix, instead of to the lobe.

Generally speaking, the design of clip on earrings consists of having the decorative piece at the front and then the clamp-like mechanism which serves as a lock at the back. These earrings are kept in place on the earlobe with the use of mechanical pressure.
At first, clip on earrings could give some forms of discomfort for those who are not used to it. This is due to the pressure which holds the earrings on its place. But these days, various solutions such as cushions placed on the lock portion are already adapted in order to minimize or even totally get rid of discomfort.

Clip on earrings and other kinds of accessories could significantly help improve your overall appearance and make you feel much better about yourself. This makes them a valuable investment as fashion accessories.

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