What Does Your Bracelet Say About You?

We have all been told not to judge books by their covers and not to build our impressions on outward appearances. However, the choices we make in terms of our appearance and attire are representations of ourselves that we put forth into the world. Whether we like it or not, we are judged and categorized based on theses representations. Short skirts and plunging necklines give of certain implications and at the opposite end sensible shoes and pencil skirts evoke a much different aura. Have you ever wondered what the small little choices you make say about you? What are people thinking when they notice that bracelets on your wrist?
Classic gold or silver bracelets are seen to be conservative fashion choices. Simple, clean cut designs are indicative of a wearer who is fuss free and certain. Chain or wire patterns and embellishments steer you away from the conservative and into the arena of someone who is willing to experiment a little.bracelets
Charm bracelets, the must have accessory of the moment are the hallmark of someone who knows her stuff, the girl who is up to date with her fashion choices and keenly aware of what is in at the moment. Multiple and layered accessories give off the airs of someone who wants to make a statement and be a little different. They are usually expected to come on the hands of a loud and bubbly personality, someone who is definitely an individual. Leather and spikes or chunky embellishments in a bracelet give off a harder image; associations with rock and roll and notions of defiantly standing out come to mind.bracelets
These impressions while being admittedly stereotypical, do give us some guidance on making appropriate fashion choices. A chain mail bracelet would be utterly uncharacteristic in a boardroom atmosphere for example. Ultimately it is smart to be educated and aware of what out fashion choices say about us. It helps us think about what to wear at different occasions and at different instances in our lives. It equips us with the necessary information to make good decisions and even better impressions.

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