Katy Perry's Jewelry Style

With her catchy lyrics, her signature fun style and her willingness to take fashion risks, we just can't get enough of Katy Perry. The pop star has made a name for herself on stage, as well as on the red carpet. She knows how to make a statement and uses color to captivate.
Katy Perry's Jewelry Style 1On stage, don't be surprised if you see Katy wearing a one piece unitard bejeweled with crystal fruit, a corset adorned with chains and bubble gum pink Hello Kitty charms or a costume shaped like an egg. But all joking aside, Katy's style is evolving and she has true rock star/pop star vibe. The fact that she's willing to take risks makes her relatable and while she usually opts for vibrant colored playful jewelry during the day, her nighttime style consists of gorgeous art deco inspired vintage pieces that are quite romantic.
Katy Perry's Jewelry Style 2
Katy Perry's Jewelry Style 3Part of Katy's girly charm and youthful appeal is that she can easily rock jewelry in fun shapes, materials and colors. On her album cover, Katy is seen sporting a bold red bangle bracelet to compliment her pin-up girl next store look. She's also been spotted wearing a thick stack of turquoise plastic bangle bracelets with matching belts. It's nice to know that her style is attainable and affordable.
Katy Perry's Jewelry Style 4Katy's red carpet looks never fail to disappoint. When she's opting for bold, she go for the bob, modern geometric cut dresses and thick bracelet cuffs. But Katy also pulls off glam without a hitch. The art deco bracelets, diamond drop earrings and bejeweled flowers she dons are truly stunning. And the love pendant necklaces she wore to an event last year caused the piece to become an instant hit. She always manages to look the part, and that's why we are simply head over heels for Katy Perry.

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